About Us

Brackley Jubilee Choir was formed in 1977.

“With the strains of Zadok the Priest ringing in their ears, the members of St. Peter’s Church Choir and some singers who had been invited to augment the choir began collecting music and handing it back to their conductor Edward Palmer. “How about Messiah at Christmas?” he called. Thus was the Brackley Jubilee Choir born in 1977.
Reaching back little further into that year, there had been a meeting of the great and the good in Brackley Town Hall to discuss ways in which the Town would celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee.

The Reverend Andrew Freer remembers suggesting a service of Thanksgiving at the parish church of St Peter and St James.  Could  the choir sing some suitable royal music too? Without mentioning any names, Andrew Freer agreed that it would be possible only with the help and co-operation of others.

As soon as he contacted Eddie Palmer, choirmaster, and Sid Hearn, church organist, they both agreed to take part.”

Taken from ‘Brackley Jubilee Choir 1977-2007’ compiled by Eileen Bharali.

The choir gives between 2 and 5 performances a year, often interspersed with Evensongs and acts of worship.  Each summer the choir performs The Eddie Palmer Memorial Concert as part of the Brackley Music Festival, a wonderful opportunity to remember and celebrate the life of the choir’s founder and former musical director.

Why do people join Brackley Jubilee Choir and keep on returning week after week, year after year?

When choir members were asked “What makes you turn up for rehearsals every week?” these were a few of the answers:

  • I love singing. I enjoy singing choral music. I enjoy the company of other singers. Although we take our music seriously, we still have great fun.
  • Eddie inspired us in the past and his death was devastating, but subsequent music directors have been able to maintain our interest by their enthusiasm.
  • It’s a chance to learn a wide range of choral works.
  • I attend every Tuesday evening for the sheer joy of singing with the choir. All trials and tribulations simply fade away by 9.00p.m.
  • We move into a world of music and all other events are put aside. Long may it last!
  • Singing is hard work but tremendously relaxing and exhilarating – a very good discipline and a wonderful way to forget worries. Also other choir members are so varied. I never go home without having had a giggle.Singing regularly with the choir keeps me in touch with music.
  • Good team spirit – enjoy the challenge.
  • I enjoy the progress from struggling with the notes to the thrill of performing with orchestra and soloists.
  • I have sung in choirs for over 50 years and it is such an important part of my life. Singing has in many ways got me through.
  • I know as a singer that the fellowship of people that sing is all embracing and so it has proved.
  • The joy of making music with others of like mind and finally giving as good a performance as we can.
  • Singing in a choir is an exhilarating experience – a physical release and spiritual excitement.  It is a chance to let off steam and the company’s not bad either!
  • I have to concentrate on singing so I forget everything else around me.
  • I think the choir is a very important part of the cultural life of Brackley and its surrounding area and we should do all we can to promote its growth and standing in the community.
  • Singing with the choir has taught me tremendous discipline, enormous respect for other singers and an absolute shared love that goes unspoken.

Why not come along and give singing a go yourself?

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