The long awaited news!

I am writing with the long awaited news that we are planning to start Brackley Jubilee Choir rehearsals on Tuesday 7th September – usual time & place of Brackley Baptist Church at 7.30pm.    

We have booked St Peter’s Church in Brackley for our first concert on Saturday 27th November 2021 so please put this date in your diaries. For the concert, we will be singing some choruses from Handel’s Messiah & also Vivaldi’s Gloria – popular choices I’m sure you’ll agree.

We believe that many people will already have their own copies of these works. However, please could you let me know in the next 2 – 3 days if you HAVEN’T got either of these works in order that we know how many we need to hire. Alternatively, if you own more than one copy & would be prepared to loan it to another choir member, that would also be helpful to know.

We do need to know these numbers fairly swiftly though to get our order in to the library.

Finally, an idea was put to committee that Brackley Jubilee Choir may consider changing the name. This suggestion was for a number of reasons:-

1.       The choir was formed in 1975 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee which of course is now a distant memory & would not be relevant to new members

2.        If we are to consider changing the name it would be a good time to consider this as it is a fresh start in many ways after our forced break due to COVID and with a new Musical Director & Accompanist.

3.      Other local choirs have “choral” in their title – eg Banbury Choral Society, Towcester Choral Society, Buckingham Choral Society…… which states more obviously what they do – Brackley Jubilee Choir isn’t as obvious.     

Does anyone have any thoughts / strong objections to a proposed name change?

Look forward to hearing from you & of course, seeing you all again soon.


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