Updates on restarting

Brackley Jubilee Choir committee met on 18th May 2021 and we wanted to update you on the present position and thoughts about being able to start singing again.

Firstly, barring any changes to the roadmap out of the pandemic, the good news is that  we are looking to be able to start back at choir in September (7th).  September does, however, still feel a long way off.

We are therefore considering the idea of meeting informally before then – likely after half term – maybe 8th or 15th June for a few weeks to get us back into singing. This will, however, only be possible if we have sufficient interest & we appreciate there will be those among you who may not feel comfortable with that idea yet.

If you could therefore drop me a note & let me know if you would like to take part or indeed if you have any other comments to make & then we can assess from there.

Secondly but by no means any less important – some of you may have heard that after nearly 20 years of accompanying Brackley Jubilee Choir, Cathy has handed in her notice. This is clearly not a decision she has taken lightly and she is very sad to be leaving us. It goes without saying that we shall miss her but understand her need to have more personal time.

We are currently pursuing possibilities for a replacement accompanist but if anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in filling the post, please let a member of the committee know.


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