More delays and cancellations :(

Hello to all Brackley Jubilee Choir members.

I’m sure, like me, you are all missing our singing!

The committee met Thursday September 17th and we thought we would share some feedback with you:

We are awaiting updated guidance from the department of Culture, Media and Sport regarding regulations for groups such as ours to resume. However, with the recent rersurgence of Covid-19 it seems unlikely we will be meeting in the near future.

We would be very pleased to hear back from you, as choir members, as to how you would feel about meeting again if we were allowed to do so safely. (Either to myself or Karen).

We have cancelled the booking made at St Peter’s for the November 28th concert.

We now have a Safeguarding Policy approved by the committee.

The Constitution of the Brackley Jubilee Choir, last reviewed 2001, has some proposed updates and changes. These will be circulated prior to the next AGM for discussion and ratification at the AGM.

The current constitution requires us to have an AGM in October. We propose to postpone this until we are able to meet again, most likely early next year. We need approval of choir members to do this.

Please could you email either Karen Lesniak or Lynne Cargill  IF YOU DO NOT WISH THE AGM TO BE POSTPONED UNTIL WE ARE ABLE TO MEET IN PERSON. We will take silence as assent.

Best Wishes to you all,

Lynne Cargill,

Acting Chairperson,

Brackley Jubilee Choir.

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