New Year Resolutions for choirs…

1.  Have a rehearsal pencil.

2.  Use the rehearsal pencil to make appropriate score markings not create indecipherable squiggles / send notes to the person sat next to me.

3.  Go a whole rehearsal without having to ask someone nearby where we’re going from because I wasn’t paying attention.

4.  Do fewer impressions of the Muppet Show’s Swedish Chef by learning ALL the words to Beethoven 9.  Ditto Mahler 2.

5.  Read rehearsal schedules / concert notices.  Write the correct times in my diary.  Turn up at those times.

6.  Sing something I think I’m not going to like.

7.  Send a prayer of thanks to the audition gods who have kept me safe for another year.

8.  Accept that I am a soprano and stop making faces at the high notes.

9.  Appreciate all the amazing opportunities I get to work with wonderful orchestras, singers and conductors.

10.  Sing as much as possible, for singing is the way to have a truly happy new year.


With thanks to Eluned Mansell at CBSO Chorus who we believe wrote this in the first place, and to Auriel for sharing it on Facebook!

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